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​The Dixie Sonlighters

keep walkin'



  In his service praising his name.

1Peter 4:11

The Dixie Sonlighters was started in 1982, after Christine Simons one of the founders of the group was diagnosed with cancer.  God healed her on July 14, 1983. God called her into this singing ministry to carry a message in song for him. 

The Dixe Sonlighers started as a family group with live music, through out several changes through the years we are still a family group with live music today with the addition of a great friend of the family. Christine Simons vocalist, Jason Simons vocalist and guitar, Sandra Simons Bass guitar, Justin SImons Lead guitar and Pedal Steel guitar, Alan Green guitar and vocalist.  Christine Simons and husband Jim Neal SImons kept the group going through out the years for God until his passing 6-3-2012 and she is still pressing forward for the Lord till he calls her home.